Hunting Guns 101

 Helping Hunters achieve success afield on the hunting adventures they've always dreamed about. 

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Hunting Guns 101

Premium 5-star rated online training offering a comprehensive, easy to understand, and scientific-based approach to practical ballistics as well as hunting firearms, and cartridges that's unique in the hunting industry.

You'll receive instant, online access to this course so you can get started immediately.

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Up To 25% Discount Off MSRP On AXIL GS Extreme Ear Protection - I go to great lengths to protect my hearing while I'm hunting and I use AXIL GS Extreme earbuds to do that. They amplify quiet noises, block loud noises, and have 5.0 bluetooth connectivity. They are also extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time and won’t affect your cheek weld when shooting a long gun. In short, they're awesome devices that will protect your hearing, help you be a better hunter, and you'll be able to purchase them for up to 25% off MSRP.

20% Off HuntStand Pro Membership - HuntStand will help you find and access new places to hunt and help you make the most out of your limited time afield and put your new hunting rifle to good use! Trusted my millions, HuntStand is a smart phone app that offers revolutionary mapping abilities, detailed weather information, national property ownership data for the United States & Canada, monthly satellite imagery, scouting camera management, 3D maps, ultra-high-resolution map printing services, and much more. 

Bonus Module On Survival Guns - The past couple of years have shown that you can’t always depend on someone else to take care of you. With that in mind, this module contains detailed information on the principles you should keep in mind when selecting firearms ideally suited for personal defense and general survival in the event of a crisis.

Bonus Module On Reducing Meat Loss - A certain amount of meat loss is inevitable when hunting. However, this module contains easy to understand and follow principles of how to reduce the amount of meat you lose when shooting an animal without reducing your odds of a quick, clean kill.

The Insider's Gun And Ammo Buying System - In this E-Book, you'll learn the details of my proven 7- Step Insider’s Gun And Ammo Buying System along with the 21 overlooked places where you should buy guns, ammo, and accessories, especially when demand is really high.

How To Choose The Best Gun For Hunting Almost Anything - This E-Book is a written companion to the Hunting Guns 101 course video modules and is basically the "Cliff's Notes" for the training material.

Private Facebook Group - An online community where you can ask questions, get feedback and help, and receive support from other experienced hunters and shooters as you plan hunts and gear purchases.

Exclusive Target Package - Set of 4 printable targets that will help you quickly and accurately sight in your rifle and practice shot placement on some of the most popular North American big game. 

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ONE TIME OFFER: Want to hear what two hunting industry experts have to say about the best bullets for elk hunting or for hunting in Africa? These interview transcripts provide in-depth analysis of the bullet characteristics you need for best performance on large, tough species of game PLUS specific bullet and ammunition recommendations that you should use on your hunts for best results.

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